Easter Spring Tablescape

Easter is right around the corner and my Mom and Elizabeth have been busy planning and thinking about our Easter table. Again this year, we will be celebrating at home. My Mom loves the creativity of setting the table and making the day a special celebration for our family. We always change and adapt the table as we go along, which is part of the fun!

The brainstorming in our family usually begins with a color scheme. Initially, my Mom and Elizabeth ordered a green and white gingham tablecloth, but switched gears after they saw a  a lovely soft blue linen table runner. The table runner became the inspiration for the feel of the table. They may layer the runner over a white tablecloth or just leave the table bare. 

Once the color scheme is determined, my Mom thinks about the centerpiece. The plan is to make a fresh spring floral arrangement in a white rectangular container that she found on Amazon. The container is low, unobtrusive and will be a useful piece on other tablescapes. We try to find items that we can use again in other ways. Another thought for the container is to fill it with wheat grass from the grocery store and place white wooden eggs on the grass. She may also fill glass containers with the white wooden eggs. 

My Mom likes to use a variety of textures and layers to build upon the base. She likes the combination of formal and casual together. For this tablescape, Elizabeth suggested using a rattan placemat as a charger. Other options are to use a decorative paper placemat or any kind of charger. Right now there is a trend to paint items with a mixture of paint and baking soda. The result is a ceramic stone looking piece. Elizabeth and my Mom thought about painting plastic chargers we have from Michael's, but decided the rattan is easier! This Easter we are using our basic white round dinner plates and adding a decorative salad plate on top.

Napkins are always a piece to consider when you are setting the table. Sometimes, a pretty paper dinner napkin can really make a statement. Or, a cocktail paper napkin looks cute under a glass. When we use cloth napkins, my Mom usually folds the napkin creatively. She rarely uses napkin rings because she feels like they end up all over the table once people sit down to eat. They have to be really cute napkin rings for her to use them! She found adorable white bunny ear napkin rings on Amazon. 

We like to use place cards. In the past we have written each guest's name on a wooden egg or a decorated hard boiled egg and placed them in an egg cup. We will probably use little bunny tags and attach them to the napkin rings this year. 

Their plan is to use gold silverware and have gold bunny figures or gold foil chocolate bunnies on the table. We have some pretty serving bunny pieces from William Sonoma and those make the table even more festive! They will add a charming glass of some sort and sometimes even using a champagne flute or wine glass as a water glass makes the table look fancy. 

Extra things to have on hand for an Easter or spring table are some colorful candies, extra eggs and of course jelly beans. Candy can be used in so many ways to add color and highlight the holiday. Even a little faux bird's nest works or some Easter grass made into a nest makes for a nice touch. My Mom and Elizabeth may even put some faux branches or real ones from our yard in a vase and add it to the mantel for a spring change.

The last touch that they are thinking about is setting up dessert ahead of time somewhere else in the house. We may have a little dessert buffet set up on the kitchen table or on a coffee table. One idea is to do something unexpected, like style the dessert buffet on the mantel. They have ordered Easter cookies from a local baker, purchased Easter candy from our favorite chocolate shop and of course will add some other sweet treats! 

Enjoy the spring table finds that we have gathered for you and check back for photos of the finished table!

Bunny salad plates / Gold foil bunnies / White dinner plate / Linen runner / Footed glass coffee mugs / Rattan placemat / Bunny napkin rings / Bunny serving bowl / Glass vase / Blue bunny tags / White linen napkins / Blue linen napkins / Floral salad plate / White rectangular planter / Gold silverware / Bunny tag with blue bow / Faux cherry blossoms / Wooden eggs / Etched glass