Warm Weather Finds

I am looking forward to a little warm weather get away this April and wanted to share some items I will be adding to my suitcase! Sunshine, family and some new warm weather clothes and accessories are refreshing to pick out after months of cold weather and lots of layers. My sisters and I each have a Calpak suitcase set which includes a carry-on and a large suitcase, and we really like them. Recently, I added a black mid-sized Beis suitcase to my collection and it is a great addition. I included the packing cubes I like to use when I travel because they keep my clothes organized. Even if you aren't going on vacation, these are great pieces to have as the weather gets warmer! Enjoy!

Straw bag / Raffia sandal / White swim suit / Suitcases / Sweater / Beaded bracelets / Pink slip skirt / Taupe heel / Packing cubes / Sunglasses / Dress


Recently, I added this mid-size Beis suitcase to my collection and I really like it as well. It features a lock on the side and has some nice zippered inside compartments. I usually need more than one set of packing cubes and I also have a set of these gray ones.

My favorite warm weather finds is without a doubt, a great pair of white jeans. Here are a couple of my favorites.