Travel Ready Essentials!

Summer is upon us and with the traveling I have been doing and all the upcoming travels I know so many of you have, I thought a little recap of travel items for all of you would be helpful. 
To all the Bows & Company weekly podcast listeners, you know we had a great podcast where Claire shared her trip to Italy with Connor. Her podcast inspired me to round up great items our family uses and likes for travel. Hopefully you are all looking forward to some summer trips and will find inspiration!
All trip and vacation planning is better with good go-to packing essentials. In addition to a suitcase, make sure you have: a great tote bag, packing cubes, a jewelry holder and a makeup bag. 
We have a variety of suitcases in our house, but recently, I really like the Swiss Gear brand for a carry on as well as a bigger size. They are extremely affordable and durable. I also use the Beís suitcases.

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My large MZ Wallace black tote is usually my travel bag of choice. I have the medium size one as well that I used a great deal in college. I have also tested out and used the bag I am listing below. Claire agrees it is a good travel one as well because there are compartments and a place to keep a pair of shoes on the bottom. 

Travel Bag with Compartments

 Whether you are traveling near or far, by car or plane, you always want to do it comfortably! Included are a variety of items for the plane, travel size items and necessities to keep you feeling good while you travel. Claire packed a small foot roller for Italy and it was really nice to use after long days of sight seeing. 



Another important item for any get-away is a book! The kindle is so great to have because it is light weight and you have any book right at your fingertips.

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Once you have the electronics, travel sized toiletries and clothes packed, you need to make sure you have a comfy outfit for travel. A set is always a nice option and layering pieces are key. You of course need comfortable shoes if you are sight-seeing. We always throw in a neutral colored wrap either in our travel bag or our suitcase for staying cozy on the plane and/or in the evenings on your vacation. It is easy to throw over your shoulders and does not take up much suitcase space. I even included our favorite travel sized perfume.

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Happy and safe travels!