Happy New Year!

Happy 2023! Our family went to the Greenbrier in West Virginia to celebrate New Year's Eve, which is also my parent's twenty-ninth wedding anniversary. My Dad has been going there since he was little so the resort is a delightful tradition for our family. 
Then and Now
The Greenbrier is always beautiful, but the Christmas decor at the resort is spectacular!
I loved my New Year's Eve look! It was a golden evening filled with champagne and sparkles.  We loved dressing up and dancing the night away at the dinner party in the ballroom.
While we were there, we also played pickleball, which is always a good time! In addition to a spa day, we enjoyed a carriage ride, great meals and family time together.
Connor, Claire's husband, brought a game called Dutch Blitz and taught us all how to play. We ended up spending an entire afternoon playing - highly recommend! 
Our Greenbrier get-away was a relaxing and a nice way to end 2022 and start 2023.